MA Center Chicago (MACC)

Interfaith Festival of Divine Light


On Nov 10, 2012, MACC celebrated an interfaith festival to mark the occasion of Diwali.

The celebration was kicked-off by Br. Shantamrita after 4:00 pm, with an invocation of the inner light, symbolized in lighting external lights. Interfaith representatives were called forth to light various lamps (small and large), invoking divinity to the hall in their own way.

Interfaith Teachings on Light and Illumination - 4 PM to 5 PM (5 mins each)

  1. Br. Shantamrita from Amma's teachings
  2. Representative of Seventh Day Adventist faith (Mr. Fowler, former faculty of Broadview Academy)
  3. Representative of Muslim faith (Mazher Ahmed)
  4. Representative of Jewish faith (Rabbi Margret)
  5. Representative of Sikh faith (Raman Johar)
  6. Representative of Mennonite faith (Doug Reed)