Louisville, Kentucky

Amma.org: Louisville, KY

Welcome to the Louisville Satsang

Amma's Satsang in Louisville is a group of people who gather together to understand spirituality in the line Amma taught to us.The positive energy we gain from satsang is remarkable and amazing. When families meet together with kids,friends and relatives for the  common cause of selfless prayers and other spiritual activities we feel the divinity. Lets sincerely pray Amma to bless us.

We welcome everyone to attend our satsang normally every other saturday at a volunteer's house around 7:00pm and concluding at 9:00 pm. We chant the 108 names of Amma and the 1000 names of Sri Lalitha, as well as sing devotional songs and meditate, followed by group prayers. We also have spiritual discussions. Prasad is done by potluck.

Please feel free to email Anand Prithiviraj for more information. You can also reach Anand at 502-724-0119.