Indianapolis, IN

Amma Satsang Indianapolis Indiana

Welcome to the Indianapolis Satsang

Our satsang meets once a month on Saturday at 5:30 pm. Often a "mini" satsang called "an afternoon with Amma" occurs in addition to the monthly satsang. The program is hosted by devotees in their homes thus the location varies (location and date by email announcement).

The order of service is as follows:

  • Mata Amritanandamayi Astottara Sata Namavali (108 names of Amma)
  • Sri Lalita Sahasranamavali (1000 names of the Divine Mother in Mantra Form)
  • * a short meditation after each recitation
  • Reading of Amma's teachings, Experience with Amma, and/or Scriptural Study
  • Bhajans ending with the Sri Mahisasuramardini Stotram
  • Arati
  • Closing Prayers

Afterwards we enjoy each others company and a delicious vegetarian potluck dinner. You are welcome to bring a dish/item to share if you would like.

Contact Neelima Bazilio: 317-506-6986 or send an email