Colorado Springs, CO

"It is through the mirror of selfless service that human beings are able to behold their own true beauty." - Mata Amritanandamayi

Welcome to Our Satsang

Our satsang meets the third Saturday of each month at 4:30 PM. Please contact Heather Mendenall (Mochita) for additional information: (719) 482-8668

Our satsang begins with sharing, announcements, followed by the dhyana sholka (opening prayer). We sing devotional music called bhajans, and perform Arati (song to Amma that we may be without attachment). Next we share a short reading from Amma’s teachings, chant the 108 names of Amma or Devi, and have a short meditation. We close with prayers. Afterward, we enjoy each others company and share prasad (food offering blessed during satsang), tea, snacks, and share stories of how Amma’s grace has touched our lives.Throughout the year, we also celebrate Guru Purnima, Shivaratri, and Navaratri.


IAM Meditation is taught weekly at the El Paso County jail. 

IAM 20 classes at the Army Base

Seven years ago, a devotee in Colorado Springs, who had a vision of bringing​ ​the peace of Amma's IAM-20 practice to prisoners, began teaching it to women​ ​incarcerated in the El Paso County Jail.  She brought in one of her satsang members,a woman, to demonstrate the yoga.  After some months of the weekly seva together, she too became a trained IAM-20 instructor.
Eventually the sheriff asked for the classes to be expanded to the male inmates. After securing a seva commitment from a local male devotee, required by jail policy,​ ​a second weekly class was added. Both classes have continued with minimal interruption​ ​for the past seven years.

In 2017, an IAM-20 student from the community suggested that the original IAM-20 teacher​ ​offer this powerful practice to the Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs. Through collaboration with the Red Cross, 2 weekly IAM-20 classes began in January 2018 for​ ​soldiers and hospital staff. This class included some students who had severe injuries​ ​or PTSD and continued until the soldier’s deployment in June 2018. 

After discussion with army personnel over this past summer, the decision was made​ ​to offer a new IAM-20 class to the base’s Exceptional Family Member Program. EFMP is​ ​designed to support civilian care-giving family members who have a family member with​ ​special needs. This class will begin in January of 2019. Contact Niraga Ostrom, or 719-238-1993

With the addition of a newly trained IAM teacher, even more IAM 20 classes are in the offing for 2019 in Colorado Springs!