Asheville, NC

Asheville Amma Satsang
The Mountains of Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Asheville Satsang

We are a growing all-embracing community in the mountains of Western North Carolina who have been followers of Amma for varying degrees of time.  We get together several times a month at someone's home or event space and share an evening of Amma songs, prayers, and stories. During an Amma satsang, we chant the holy names of Amma, sing bhajans (devotional songs), listen to readings from Amma's books, meditate, pray for world peace, perform arati, and occasionally share a video. Our satsang meetings are listed below. As a community, we gather to elevate one another and support Amma's vision of Love in Action through Embracing the World project   .ALL ARE WELCOME!  Visit us on facebook at Amma Asheville and like us for reminders to our events. Email us at to be added to our e-mail list.

                                                Amma Asheville Events

Amma Satsang

is held once a month.  For current location and time please e-mail us at or find us on Facebook at Amma Asheville.

Circle Of Love Inside

Writing Letters to a Prisoners

Circle of Love Inside is Amma’s prison outreach letter-writing program. Inmates of many different religious traditions participate; some don’t relate to spirituality at all. We don’t try to convert anyone to any particular way of believing, we support them in whatever positive qualities we perceive. Our letters allow the inmate to join us as we together open to a greater good in our lives.

A post office box is needed for this seva. We have arranged one for the Asheville Amma Satsang and you are welcome to use . For more information about this seva, contact  Vimala McAdams  at

The following is from one of our prisoners, incarcerated at the age of 14 years old, now 41 years old, sentenced to a total of 120 years for 6 counts of armed violence and 6 counts of aggravated battery in the state of Illinois.

“I was so glad to get your letter! In here everyone is waiting by the door at mail time hoping to hear their name being called for mail. Even the guys who know that they don’t have any mail coming. One needs to hear their name being called just to feel like you are still alive and someone knows that you exist. It’s rough to do time without any support. I appreciate having you to correspond with now. It gives me something to look forward to.”

Jamel, April 2014