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July 21: Beekeeping Update - Two New Hives

Bees entering hive

Welcoming two new hives

Beekeepers cleaning framesA beekeeper's work is never done. June was a work month for the Bee Team: the beekeepers inspected the current colonies, monitored hives for queen cells, eggs, brood and swarms, assessed mite counts, repaired broken equipment, took inventory of their present equipment, prepared for the arrival of two new hives, and made sure that the bees had plenty of water during the sweltering heat wave. All hives are performing well, buzzing happily and bringing pollen and nectar into the hives. The beekeepers are seeing evidence of capped brood and capped honey.

New hive in cardboard boxThe team welcomed two new hives in early July! With much delight, prayers were said, and the installation took place the very same day. Upon a quick inspection this week, these two hives are performing well. The bees have accepted their queens, and they are laying eggs in their respective hives.

Our beekeeping team is not yet accepting new volunteers, but we hope that we will be able to introduce the various facets of beekeeping to interested persons in the very near future. In the meantime, bee kind, bee safe, and bee happy! Questions? Contact

Bee well and happy!

Bees on frame