Amma Center of New Mexico

Report on Amrita Silent Retreat Immersion

Successful Amrita Silent Retreat Immersion

The Amma Center of New Mexico hosted a National Silent lmmersion Retreat from August 23 til August 30.  Amma's North American-based disciples, Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya and Bri. Rema Devi lead the retreat at the Amma Center in Santa Fe, NM.  Participants could choose between a 3 1/2 day option and a 7 day option. Over 50 people participated in the daily routine, which included morning archana, IAM-35 meditation, Amrita Yoga, spiritual discourses and discussions and evening bhajans.  They also enjoyed wholesome vegetarian meals and quiet mountain walks. Many said they were moved by the depth and profundity of their experiences and felt revitalized, with a renewed respect for all that Amma had given them.

View of theSangre de CristosDayamrita Swami giving stasangBri. Rema Devi leads a meditation