Amma Center of New Mexico

Outreach for Relocated Immigrant Families

Amma’s Children’s Outreach

On behalf of the Amma Center, Nancy Lee (505-820-2982) is collecting things urgently needed by relocated immigrant families, From smaller-sized adult clothing, to toys, stuffed animals, coloring books/crayons and personal items. These will be distributed by an organization involved in this work. See below for the list of needed supplies.  Bring donations to the temple by June 8.

List of Goods and Supplies Needed by Our Most Welcome Central American Refugees

(If you have supplies for shelters leave them in the box at the temple by June 8 and I’ll take them to the
drop off. Nancy Lee 505 850 2982)

Clothing: We can only use smaller-sized adult clothing. Please donate L, XL, and XXL items
elsewhere - sorting them out is physically demanding and time-consuming.
children’s clothing (5T and larger)
children’s shoes
• children’s jackets
• women’s shoes size 5 to 8
• women’s jackets
• women’s belts
• women’s pants & tops
• women’s underwear
• sports bras and camisoles
• men’s shoes size 5 to 8
• men’s jackets
• men’s belts
• men’s pants and briefs, waist sizes 29 to 34
• lightweight gloves, caps and hats
• Underwear, especially men’s. New (unused) only. Adult sizes XS/S/M. Kids all sizes.
• Socks. Gently used or new. All sizes.
Kids’ Stuff:
• small toys
• coloring books and crayons
• stuffed animals
Personal Stuff:
• Carry-on size rolling suitcases
• Tote bags
• Micro-B (micro USB) phone chargers
• Tracfone Alcatel Prepaid Flip Phones
• Reading glasses
• Spanish-language children’s books + DVDs
• Alarm clocks (plug-in or battery-operated)
• lightweight lap blankets
• reusable flat grocery bags
• hygiene supplies – tampons, diapers
• travel sized hygiene items
• lip balm
• small jars of Vaseline
• Tums and Pepto Bismol tabs
• individually wrapped allergy and pain medication
• cough drops with eucalyptus
• adults and children’s cough medicine
• Infants’ and Children’s cough/cold liquid (Zarbees brand preferred)
• Infants’ Ibuprofen and Tylenol
• Nasal saline drops or spray
• Antifungal cream such as Lotrimin
• Sippy cups to hold rehydrating formula for children
• Hand sanitizer - full size bottles
• individually wrapped travel size snacks
• fresh fruit, Bottles of water & juice