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Amma's 67th Birthday Message

Amma's 67th Birthday Message - COVID-19 Is Nature Telling Man to Mend His Ways...

Amma's 67th birthday was celebrated exclusively as a day of global prayer for world peace. Amma clarified that COVID is not a punishment from Nature, but a warning to help humankind correct its behavior. Amma then listed seven guidelines she felt humanity needs to follow moving forward:

  1.     As much as possible, keep your body and mind under control.
  2.     Maintain a regular spiritual practice, at least to a small extent.
  3.     Make protecting Nature a part of your daily routine.
  4.     Do not belittle the forces of Nature and see them as inferior.
  5.     See life from a broader perspective.
  6.     Create a balance between your selfish and selfless interests.
  7.     Acknowledge and obey the universal laws set by God—the supreme authority.

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