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Amma Requests Your Assistance for the 2023 C-20

Amma Requests Your Assistance for the 2023 C-20

Amma requests those living in the G20 countries who have qualifications in social work, equivalent degrees, or hands-on experience doing social work, to do the following:
1. Study the grassroots-level problems of people in G20 countries
2. Submit a report based on these findings.

Amma's organization in the respective country can cover the basic travel, food, and accommodation expenses.

Amma's C20 organizers are asking for AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to fill out questionnaires. Prasanna from our satsang volunteered with MA Math because of her social work background to collect data. Now it seems we can all participate by filling out the form in the link below and if we wish to— having an interview with her. Please send to anyone you know who will participate in helping Amma gather as much data as possible. The more the better.  Deadline March 15.

From Prasanna:
As you know, I'm on an international team currently conducting a survey of "ordinary" people in 45 countries to gather "grassroots" thoughts about the state of our communities and our lives.  This is connected to the G20, an annual meeting of the twenty largest economies in the world.  Under the umbrella of the G20 are 11 "engagement groups".... one of which is C20.  The C stands for civil society... the non-governmental and grassroots organizations that do the work of addressing socio-economic problems and improving people's lives...the programs that bridge the gap between the people and governments. 

Amma is the chair  the Chair of the C20.  As one of the initiatives of the C20's work, Amma has requested a study of the grassroots level problems of people in the G20 countries. 

This is being done with

  1. A survey about issues in our community
  2. A personal questionnaire about how we feel about our lives

Both are completely secure and anonymous. The survey and questionnaire will be part of the data that will go into the C20 report, with recommendations, that will feed into the G20 summit this fall. 

Here is the link to the Google Doc personal questionnaire:

You are invited to fill it out and at the end you may hit SEND to submit it yourself.  Do feel free to share this link with others in the Santa Fe satsang community.  People may fill this out as a stand alone, and do not necessarily have to participate in the community survey.

If you or other devotees have the time and are willing to also take the survey that addresses issues in our community, that will be done with me by phone and it takes about a half hour.  Please send me an email or text at 413 348 6996 to set up a good time.

Note that all questionnaires and surveys will need to be submitted by midnight on the 15th.

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