Amma Center of New Mexico

The Albuquerque Treehugger Project

The Treehugger Project

Amma has encouraged everyone to plant trees wherever we may be on the planet.  As a New Mexico GreenFriends Initiative, there are two ways you can become involved:  you can participate in tree planting events when they happen to help transplant trees into the ground and/or you can grow trees from seed to plant in your own yard, on your land or to giveaway for others to plant.  

Tree Planting Events
Send an email to to add your name and email to a contact list.  When there is a tree planting project you will receive an email inviting you to participate in the planting.  If you are interested in coordinating tree planting projects in your area, please indicate that in your email. 

Growing Your Own Trees
Send an email to the above email address to indicate you are interested in learning how to grow trees from seed and you will be sent information and added to the growers contact list (if you’d like to be added).  Trees grown in the Albuquerque area will be from the Nature Conservancy Climate-Ready Tree list for the Albuquerque area.  These trees have been recommended as trees that have the best chance for survival as the climate changes in the Albuquerque area. 

The Nature Conservancy list is one of the first in the country that has been created by a committee of arborculturists over the course of two years.  Other areas of the country are also beginning to create Climate-Ready Tree lists for their areas.  If you live in another part of NM or the country but are interested in this project for your area, send an email and we will let you know how you can initiate the Treehugger Project in your area.