MA Center Michigan

Taco Bell Rockstars

Amma Center of Michigan has five AYUDH rockstars, all cousins, who decided to forgo Taco Bell for one year, and donate those savings, a total of $1108, to Amma’s November U.S. Tour in Detroit.  Naren, Prashant, Arun (in photo from left to right), Jay and Priya (not in photo as they live in Washington, DC and Pennsylvania, respectively), are students or newly graduated, and away from home, so they find Taco Bell a quick and decent vegetarian substitute for spicy Indian food.  These cousins agreed that forgoing Taco Bell pales in comparison to the sacrifices Amma makes to visit her children across the globe every year, but it is a simple gesture to acknowledge their devotion to her.  This selfless profile, especially from very busy youth in today’s world, is an example of Amma’s every shining influence on our choices today.  Amma Center of Michigan is thrilled to have Amma visit in November, and these five young adults are showing their joy by forgoing their favorite fast food.  Go Taco Bell Rockstars!