MA Center Michigan

Amma's Birthday Celebrations

Brni Rema Devi will perform puja honoring Amma's 65th Birthday

Amma's birthday will be observed with a special puja and satsang conducted by Brni Rema Devi on September 22nd from 2 to 5 pm followed by a celebratory meal.

The puja will be performed per the Kerala tradition and will be dedicated to the Love which we have discovered through Amma’s grace.

Each year the devotees and disciples of Amma come together across the world to celebrate the advent of this Love into their lives. The celebrations are joyous, and an expression of Amma’s mantra: “Om lokah samasthah sukhino bhavantu” —”May everyone everywhere be happy!”

Amma has been blessing the world with her compassion and selflessness — embracing the sick, the poor, the lonely, even drying their tears - trying to do everything she can to uplift the disenfranchised.  Amma’s life is an expression of a Love — oneness and unity, that cuts across all boundaries of nation, politics, religion, language, and caste.  This Love has captured the hearts of millions of people, who have been inspired to expand their hearts and ask: “What more could I be doing to help others?”

Please join us for the 65th Birthday Celebrations of our Beloved Amma.