Regular satsangs are held weekly, usually on Saturdays from 5-7 PM in Georgetown, ON. For more information, please see the About page.
Grown by devotees with care, ready to be offered during archana. Contributions of fruit and flowers are welcomed! For more information on satsang or to get involved, please visit the About page.
In response to Amma's request to incorporate reverence for nature into Vishu celebrations, AYUDH Toronto distributed over 50 basil seedlings at our Vishu satsang. AYUDH requested that the seedlings be given to children.
Amrita Bala Kendra kids with a sapling they planted as part of a community tree planting event, September 2016. For more information on Children's Programs, please visit our Activities page.

Upcoming Events

Toronto, Canada
Celebrating the playful festival of Holi with colours and joy
Toronto, Canada
A night of bhajans, prayers and puja in honour of Lord Shiva
Toronto, Canada
A celebration of the light of Amma's love on the day of her birth star
Toronto, Canada
Toronto's first celebration of Amma's birth star was a memorable one

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