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September 29, 2017 Global
Amrita Book Club of North America   The Amrita Book Club, recently blessed by Amma for North America, gives devotees an avenue to gather together to dive more deeply into Amma’s teachings.   All satsangs are invited to host these gatherings of interested devotees to reflect... more ›
September 27, 2017 USA
This year marks a very special year as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Amma coming to North America. It all started in 1986 when one American admirer, after visiting Amma in India, sent Amma an invitation to come to North America. Reading the invitation, Amma said that she felt the urge to go... more ›
September 27, 2017 India
Indian temples are storehouses of all classical forms of art and learning. Classical arts such as dance, music, sculpture and painting have their roots in the temple culture. Art was never an exclusive aspect and was closely tied with daily life, beliefs, customs and sciences. Temples were also... more ›
September 6, 2017 Houtson, Texas
September 5th, 2017 Houston, Texas, USA AYUDH on behalf of ETW helps suffering people from Hurricane Harvey in Houston Over the past week and a half, volunteers from the Houston chapter of AYUDH have been participating in city-wide efforts to assist those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane... more ›
September 5, 2017 Global
“We have a responsibility towards all those suffering from illness and poverty. We need to provide them food, healthcare, and education - the light of knowledge. This is our duty. We all are children from the same mother. We need to realize that we are one and our hearts must be united in love.... more ›
August 30, 2017 San Ramon, CA
Due to extreme hot weather conditions and the subsequent advisory issued by Governmental weather agencies, we are forced to postpone the Amrita SRI silent retreat in San Ramon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this sudden cancellation of the retreat. This decision has been taken in the... more ›
July 25, 2017 Kerala, India
A 13-year-old tribal boy Manikandan, son of plantation workers in Parambikulam, Palakkad, was the butt of ridicule since birth because of a rare medical condition called encephalocele in which brain matter oozes out of gaps in the skull into a sac-like structure, giving the patient’s head a... more ›
July 12, 2017 Washington DC, U.S.A.
This year, the last tour stop in the United States took place in Washington D.C., the Nation’s Capital. Arriving in the late evening, Amma’s arrival coincided with the dawn of the United States’ Independence Day (The Fourth of July). Fireworks to commemorate the holiday continued throughout the... more ›
July 2, 2017 Kerala, India
Ever since the first hand transplant in India in 2015, patients from across India and abroad have been lining up at a Kochi hospital, even as more hospitals have registered for the procedure. But only two more transplants have been possible since. The Sunday Express on the taboos, hopes and despair... more ›
July 1, 2017 Dallas, Texas
On the way to the Dallas programs, Amma stopped at the new MA Center in Aubrey, TX just north of Dallas. Located on a 50-acre plot of picturesque property in what is known as “Horse Country USA”, the center includes a ranch house and a scenic pond. Local devotees were overjoyed as Amma served... more ›