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October 17, 2014 Europe
October 2014, Granollers, Spain During Amma’s visit to Granollers, Spain near Barcelona in 2013, Amma offered through Embracing the World to sponsor 49 underprivileged children from the area. Granollers Mayor Josep Mayoral accepted the pledge from Amma on behalf of “Friends of Children Granollers... more ›
September 30, 2014 Kerala, India
As far as Amma is concerned, there is nothing different about this day. Like every day, Amma will see her children, listen to their sorrows and console them. Today is just another day like that. Therefore, Amma has only one thing to tell you: ‘Our lives should be of some benefit to the world. We... more ›
September 29, 2014 Kerala, India
Amma turned 61 on September 27th. She used the occasion to launch an array of new humanitarian initiatives, and to speak to the assembled crowd. In her talk, Amma addressed many of the most pressing challenges facing the world today and invited each of us to be part of the solution. Read Excerpts... more ›
September 20, 2014 Kerala, India
Blessed Self, Her Holiness Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi—our beloved Amma—has offered her entire life to showing humankind the path to peace, love and harmony. Amma’s mission is one that takes into consideration the entire world-community without ever forgetting the importance of the individual.... more ›
September 10, 2014 US
Excerpts from an article published in the Beach Reporter - by Ellen Robinson  Master roller for Project Burrito, Jennifer Baum, said there is nothing more rewarding than seeing faces light up when she places meals into the hands of grateful people at local shelters. “I remember the first time I... more ›
September 7, 2014 Kerala, India
  There are certain things in life towards which attraction never ends. These are the good things that awaken enthusiasm and freshness whenever we think about or experience them. Take for example, the sea. No matter how many times we look at the sea, we never feel it’s enough. There is an aspect of... more ›
September 7, 2014 Europe
September 1, 2014 US & Canada
Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya, one of Amma's senior disciples, will be leading Amma's birthday celebrations in the US & Canada. Santa Fe: September 6 There will be a program on September 6th starting at 5pm. Please see http... more ›
March 10, 2014 Uttarakhand, India
A group of 73 students from all over Japan came together and travelled to India to help take part in Amma’s rehabilitation of the areas devastated by the 2013 floods in the state of Uttarakhand.  Amma pledged to rebuild 500 homes in the area.  The first phase of that work is going on in and around... more ›