Global News

August 21, 2012 Kenya
Amrita Children’s Home, an orphanage taking care of 30 needy children, was recently featured on the weekly news program, Eye on Kenya. The show documented the success of the Home's use of Permaculture, an alternative farming method, that has enabled them to consistently feed the children... more ›
August 10, 2012 Germany
The 8th European AYUDH Youth Initiative, held at the M.A. Center Germany, brought together over 200 youth from 15 countries. As in previous years, the event was supported by the ‘Youth in Action’ programme of the EU and the city of Michelstadt. The theme of this year's gathering was The Joy of... more ›
May 29, 2012 Potomic, MD
Darkness, enveloping the grounds of the M.A. Center in Patomic, Maryland at this predawn hour, is interrupted in the foyer and kitchen by soft lighting. There is mostly silence, sandwiched by the just completed chants of the... more ›
May 29, 2012 Africa
April 12, 21012 A new vocational training program for disadvantaged youth was launched at Amrita Watoto Boma, care home in Athi River... more ›
May 29, 2012 Italy
On April 5th 2012, Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique courses were held for prisoners serving sentences at a penitentiary for men in Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. A... more ›
April 7, 2012 North America
For some time, it's been a hope to unite the satsangs, centers and volunteers across North America within one website. We're pleased that now will serve as this kind of home base. For this new website to be at it's best, however, it will need our loving attention and the talent of many... more ›