Vancouver, BC Satsang

A Good Day for All - Raising Funds for Charity

Garage Sale

Every year amid much hard work and enthusiasm the Vancouver satsang garage sale raises money for Amma's charities. This year a successful garage sale was held on July 8 and 9th. While Amma's grace alone is sufficient for her charities, it is a beautiful lesson for those involved in the art of working and pulling together. Because Tusthi and Prakash's home has a big enough lawn, and is in a garage sale friendly neighbourhood, that's where it's usually held. We take the opportunity to have Amma fliers and magazines on hand and talk about her work worldwide; Tusthi always keeps us supplied with snacks and hydration; the atmosphere is fun and festive while a great deal of bargaining goes once one way and then another. But at the end of the day, both buyers and sellers walk away feeling like they each got something good from the day - thanks to Amma's loving grace!   

If you missed the July garage sale, it is not a missed opportunity as there will be another on September 8. Check the events section for more details.