Vancouver, BC Satsang

Our Re-connection

Amma Arati

About 60 people joined the celebration of Amma's 59th. birthday in Vancouver, BC. The celebration included worship of the guru's feet, or pada puja, recitation of Amma's 108 names, a reading from Amma's texts, heartfelt devotional singing and the evening concluded with a scrumptuous dinner and a raffle for prizes.

Suneeti, one of our coordinators started the evening with the following introduction: 

"Welcome to this auspicious evening of Amma's birthday satsang.
I remember hearing Amma say many years ago that she didn't want anyone to celebrate her birthday or make a fuss about it.
However, she said, if it helps people to remember God, then let them celebrate it.
And I think that is exactly what does happen. Every year, satsang groups all over the world come together and make a bit of a special event out of Amma's birthday. More people come out to celebrate the event, and it creates this opportunity for us all to spend  time together remembering God. And also, for many, it can also have an inspiring effect to re-commit or re-connect to our spiritual practices".

By evening's end this certainly came true.