Staten Island, NY Staten Island, NY

Welcome to the Staten Island Satsang

Amma says, "Whichever spiritual path we are on, our aim is to
cultivate an eye that sees everything as the form of God. This should
become our very existence. We should be able to know and experience
that everything is God alone. That is true devotion. When we see only
God in everything, we forget our individual self. Our individuality
dissolves and vanishes."

The Staten Island Satsang began in August of 2007.  Our small group
meets at a devotee's home on the North Shore, only a few miles from
the Staten Island Ferry terminal and the Verrazano Bridge. We are a
family-oriented group.  Our youngest members have yet to turn one,
bouncing happily on their parents' laps throughout the satsang, while
other Staten Island devotees currently enjoy grandparent status. Most
of our members have had a Judeo-Christian upbringing and have met Amma
later in life. We are a small group of friends that welcome newcomers
of any age and background. We would love for you to join us.

We meet for prayers, bhajans, and meditation during the first week of every month. We also organize kirtans to benefit Amma's humanitarian efforts, as well as an annual coat drive each fall.

For more information, please call Elena at (718) 619-9843, or to be added to our email
list, please email us.