Seva Opportunities In Amma's Summer Tour 2014

Amma making dosa in Amritapuri
Please join seva with Food Handler's Permit

Volunteer for Amma's Pacific Northwest Programs, please visit  to sign up or email us at

Please obtain a Food Handler's Permit at
For anyone volunteering at Amma's Pacific Northwest 2014 programs in the Snack shop,  Kitchen, Veggie Chopping, or Meal serving, this year it is a requirement that, you must have a valid Washington State food handlers permit. You can easily get your food handlers permit online at:
The whole process takes approx 1 hour. The costs about $10 by credit card or debit card for the permit.  
Detailed directions to obtain Food Handler's Permit:  fhc_wa_2014_pnw2a.pdf
**Please be sure to email your food handlers permit info to
We need to keep track of everyone who will have a permit. 

Thank you so much for your participation and willingness to serve  in Amma's Pacific Northwest Programs.