Bri. Rema Devi & Jyotish Vilasita visited Seattle

Brahmacharini Rema Devi, one of Amma’s long time disciples, visited Seattle during the first weekend in March to perform the Bhagavati Seva Puja. This Puja is a Divine Mother Puja for protection from miseries, fulfillment of wishes, and spiritual benefits. In the Kerala tradition, Rema Devi began the puja just after sunset. Rema Devi then described the significance of the puja arrangements, which included a large Devi lamp in the middle with the Guru’s lamp and Ganesha lamp on each side. She made a sankalpa at the beginning and then proceeded with the beautiful puja. During the puja, we chanted the 108 Names of Amma, sang Bhajans, chanted the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother and sang the Mahishasura Madini Stotram. Each devotee, one by one, came forward to offer flower petals to Devi during the 1000 Names. At the end of the puja, Arati was performed to Amma. About 50 people from Washington state attended the puja.