Organizational Meeting @ Nita & Ravi's

Dec 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm (ended)

Monthly Organizational Meeting at Nita & Ravi's.


1.    Treasurer’s Report: disbursement request to fund Tour Guide Ad for satsang
2.    Fundraisers, Spa/ Day of Health, garage sale, tour guide Bhadra
3.    Local Satsang on the day before Swamiji leads SoCal satsang Sundays at MACLA and  support for MACLA and Swami satsangs generally 5 min
4.    Dayamrita Swami will lead the San Diego Satsang Jan 24, 4-7pm
5.    Fix satsang harmonium done, no cost
6.    Communication/ MA Center email resource: Amma Base Resync Ravi
7.    Email protocol on interactive mail lists for OM and music
8.    Satsang goals, growth, outreach, backup support for key positions
9.    Satsang locations?
10. : new pictures…articles needed for web site
11. Bookstore available with Bhadra each week
12. Group reports or comments: music, green friends, etc
13. Welcoming newcomers


10720 Bernabe Dr.
San Diego, CA 92129


From North County coast : From I-5 south, take CA-56 East (Ted Williams). Keep driving and then take I-15 North. On I-15 North take Carmel Mountain Rd exit and turn left onto Carmel Mountain Road. Turn right on Cuca St. and left on Bernabe Dr.
From South inland: Take I-15 North, then Carmel Mountain Rd exit. Turn left onto Carmel Mountain Road and then as above.
From North inland: Take I-15 South, then Carmel Mountain Rd exit. Turn right onto Carmel Mountain Road and then as above.


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