North American News

November 28, 2015 San Ramon
Fulfilling Guru's Wish - An Act of Devotion.  For the past year, painting and refreshing Amrita Hall has been an ongoing Seva project at the ashram. The walls of the hall were painted and new pictures were hung just before Amma's Summer 2015 Tour. During this visit, on November 15, Sunday... more ›
November 12, 2015 Ann Arbor
An hour or two of selfless service helps keep us all fresh and energetic for Amma's infinite grace.......   Are you attending Amma's Michigan programs?  We are in need of some loving, helping hands :   ·       Seva desk (primarily sitting desk job) - Helping coordinate & maintaining a... more ›
November 12, 2015 Ann Arbor
BEAUBIEN DISCOUNT RATES: 11/19, 20 Thursday, Friday - $12 11/21, 22 Saturday & Sunday - $6 11/23,24,25 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - $12   MILLER (right in front of hotel) DISCOUNT RATES: 25% of Published rates,  All day $15  
November 6, 2015 San Ramon
On October 10, 2015, volunteers from around the Bay Area and beyond gathered at M.A. Center, San Ramon for our second Community Seva Day, a fall seva fiesta!    We began the day with meditation and prayer, then teamed up to tackle improvement projects around the property. Several teams focused on... more ›
October 30, 2015 San Ramon
Retreat update for San Ramon hotels Retreat accommodation at the San Ramon Marriott is sold out. The DoubleTree in Pleasanton is the over flow hotel for Retreats. There will be shuttles to the M. A. Center from the DoubleTree to M. A. Center. See Shuttle schedule on the ... more ›
October 22, 2015 Ann Arbor
17 years ago, in November 1999, Amma held Her very 1st program in Michigan at the Ice Skating rink on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor. The Skating rink has since folded but Amma still chooses to grace our fair state by being here with us for 5 whole days. The significance of this should not be taken... more ›
October 21, 2015 Amrita Farms
About Amrita Farms at the Amma Center Michigan is devoted to community enrichment through agri-science research and education. We facilitate real world and hands-on education programs designed to empower people through working with Nature.  With awareness of sustainability and our impact on... more ›
October 1, 2015 Victoria Vancouver Island
Amma Victoria Satsang makes sandwiches and serves them to those in need every Sunday at Our Place, 919 Pandora Avenue in Victoria, beginning ... more ›
September 29, 2015 San Ramon
The months of August and September at M. A. Center were filled with a spiritual and festive atmosphere. Here are some of the special events. 
... more ›