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March 18, 2017 Southwest
  Dance and Do Good at the 9th Annual Bollywood Club Invasion Dance Party in Santa Fe Family-friendly dance festival benefits multiple local charitable activities.   March 18, 6:30 – Midnight,  Santa Fe Convention Center    BOLLYWOOD CLUB INVASION DANCE PARTY BLASTS BACK FOR IT’S 9TH... more ›
February 17, 2017 Ann Arbor
Amma volunteers have been cooking and serving a hot, nutritious breakfast for the homeless in Detroit every Wednesday morning for the past 8 odd years. The committed group of volunteers arrive at the church kitchen at 6.30am. Scenario from last week - our group of 5... more ›
February 14, 2017 Ann Arbor
Honoring and celebrating Seniors in our community Respecting and appreciating elders is a sentiment ingrained in our culture, so in celebration of Valentines Day, youth members (AYUDH), with the help of some slightly older satsang members, organized a Valentine's Day Serenade, Karaoke and Crafts... more ›
February 11, 2017 Toronto, Canada
A celebration of the light of Amma's love on the day of her birth star In February, Amma's birth star, Karthika, fell on a Saturday, coinciding with the Toronto group's regular weekly satsang. About thirty five devotees thus gathered for Karthika Puja Satsang on February 4. The altar,... more ›
February 11, 2017 San Ramon, CA
The Beginner's Tabla Class series provides a foundation for understanding Indian rhythmic patterns that inspire musical composition and improvisation. Students will learn the fundamentals of accompaniment for bhajans and classical Hindustani music in 10 1-hour sessions. Bring a tabla, notebook, and... more ›
February 4, 2017 Detroit Area Satsang
January 31, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
The program guide ad revenue contributes significantly towards the organization of Amma's Tour - making it possible for even more people to receive Amma's blessing. All of the work is done by local Program Guide teams and satsang members.     Here are three easy ways you can be a... more ›
January 31, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Amma is coming to Atlanta this summer. The time has come for us to choose the bhajans we want to practice singing for Her! Please join us in... more ›
January 24, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Toronto Satsang's first celebration of Amma's birth star was a memorable one.
In Vedic astrology, the constellation in which the moon was located at the time of a person's birth is designated as the person's 'birth star' or Janma Nakshatra. According to the Hindu calendar, the moon... more ›
January 20, 2017 Toronto, Canada
The following is an excerpt from the Q&A session held during the One-Day Retreat with Br. Ramanand on Jan 7, 2016.
Question How do I strengthen my faith in the Guru? I sometimes have doubts. Answer The Guru (Teacher) Shishya (Disciple) relationship is... more ›