North American News

May 23, 2017 San Ramon, CA
This year, in an effort to keep up with the global increase in security around public figures, including Amma, there are some new safety measures being implemented for the entire tour. These security measures are already in effect for Amma’s recent and current tours in India, Indonesia,... more ›
May 23, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Offerings of pure love to Amma on Mother's Day This Mother's Day, Amma's children in Toronto each had a special offering to give to their Amma. There were beautiful yellow and red roses to adorn the altar, and Amma's feet during archana. For prasad, there were fruits and vegetables artfully carved... more ›
May 13, 2017 Santa Fe
Amma will be visiting the Buffalo Thunder Resort from June 12th through June 15th. Click here for program details. Note that the program on June 12th will begin at 12 noon, not at the originally announced time of 11:00 am.
May 10, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Amma’s Toronto devotees were blessed with a satsang with Br. Ramanand on Saturday, May 6 at 6:30 PM. After opening prayers, Br. Ramanand led the devotees through a guided meditation, relaxing every part... more ›
May 2, 2017 Toronto, Canada
The results are in: the most effective promoter of Amma's North American tour is YOU!
An exit poll performed last year by Amma's Pacific Northwest satsang groups found that 76% of all newcomers heard of Amma's program by word of mouth. That is more than all other forms of... more ›
April 29, 2017 Santa Fe
Did you know all the work that goes into organizing Amma's programs is performed 100% by volunteers?  Volunteering (also known as selfless service, or "seva" in sanskrit) is one of the best spiritual practices for purifying the mind in the current age.  If you're interested in volunteering even... more ›
April 29, 2017 Santa Fe
Due to the large amount of snow at the ashram the satsang is canceled tonight due to safety concerns. Please join us next week for satsang at 6:00 pm (assuming good weather!).    
April 24, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Toronto is blessed to host Amma for three public programs, a retreat and Guru Purnima this year
After much anticipation, Amma's summer North American tour dates have been announced! Amma will be in Toronto from Friday, July 7 to Monday, July 10 and will... more ›
March 31, 2017 New England
  Circle of Love Inside: Our Amma’s Prison Outreach Book by Savitri Bess   Don't be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. Light your candle and step forward."--Amma   At the Boston program in 2015, Amma gave a joyous and enthusiastic “Yes,” when I asked if she... more ›
March 28, 2017 New England
  "A flower has such a short life span, and yet it offers itself wholeheartedly to others."  ~Amma AYUDH Boston came together on March 3rd, 2017, to learn about sustainable gardening and plant herb and vegetable gardens out of recycled materials.  The evening began with some reflection on... more ›