North American News

September 14, 2016 New England
When we serve, it’s important to be an open channel, without expectations or an agenda. Our hearts must connect to God and give freely, in pure love. We never know how our presence will affect those receiving. We saw four elders on our first day at Amma’s Hands, all of whom were at the very end... more ›
September 13, 2016 San Ramon, CA
The 2016 online auction in honor of Amma's birthday is on now!! Bidding ends on Sunday, October 9th at 11:45pm (PST). In honor of Amma's 63rd Birthday, MA Centers San Ramon and LA are offering very special Amma items for an online auction. Several of these items have been donated by Amma; many of... more ›
September 1, 2016 Greater Victoria
Amma's Birthday Celebration Sept 24th at 3:00pm, save the date!
Please see the Poster attached.
If you are interested with helping set up the hall or with the meal please get in touch.
Also we are looking for donations for the raffle of goods or services.
All proceeds... more ›
August 18, 2016 Southern California
Embracing Our Center “She deferred the spotlight to her children, lauding their selfless and tireless efforts to loving and serving the poor and needy” - From Immortal Bliss   We are excited to welcome readers to a new recurring section in our MA Center LA newsletter, titled “Embracing... more ›
August 18, 2016 Southern California
Three Special Birthday Invitations It's celebration time! Please join us for some very special events that are filled with a spiritual and festive atmosphere in the months of August and September at the MA Center LA.     KRISHNA JAYANTHI - SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2016 “At the mere thought of Lord... more ›
July 27, 2016 San Ramon, CA
June 7-12, 2016
Amma held three days of public programs starting on June 7th, followed by a retreat concluding with Devi Bhava program on June 12th, at MA Center. This precious time with Amma was one of deep spiritual rejuvenation and was replete with special moments of impromptu bhajans... more ›
AYUDH LA!   AYUDH is the youth sector of Embracing the World focused on empowering youth and raising awareness of global issues. It is focused on creating trust and peace by socially engaging youth while maintaining awareness of core values. AYUDH is separated into three main categories; Serve,... more ›
June 28, 2016 San Ramon, CA
How I made 'Mother's Garden, as related by Pavana, one of Amma's devotees.  "We moved to Nevada City about 4 years ago and built a custom home with solar panels and super energy efficiency measures. We planted over 35 trees on the property (per Amma's instruction) and this year we planted... more ›
June 4, 2016 Southern California
SET UP SEVA – A PERSONAL STORY Why I Love “Set-Up Seva” I used to arrive on the first public day, a little late, a little exhausted, a little overwhelmed as I entered the wonderful, crazy, amazing week of serving and spending time with Amma.   One year, because of... more ›
May 28, 2016 southwest
Om Namah Shivaya We are blessed once again to welcome Amma to New Mexico from June 18th - 22nd at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort, just north of... more ›