North American News

May 25, 2015 Victoria, BC
Aum Amriteswaryai Namah! Planning to attend the retreat at Amma's San Ramon ashram? The lovely
grounds and temple have been blessed with Amma's presence for over 25 years.
Please do reserve your room immediately to stay onsite at the lovely San
Ramon Marriott. This hotel is... more ›
May 23, 2015 Victoria, BC
Amma will be in Everett, Washington with public programs on May 30, 31 and Devi Bhava on June 1st. We invite you to come and meet our Mother. Click here for more details.
May 23, 2015 Southern California
Do you plan to serve food during Amma’s visit to Los Angeles, June 14-18?? Cut, chop, serve or clean up food in any way? Wait no more!  We have just received a generous donation of 50 Food Handler courses for 2015!  If you’d like to take advantage of a free* donated course, contact... more ›
May 23, 2015 Victoria, BC
As most of the satsang members will be seeing Amma in Everett, Washington this coming weekend (May 30 to June 1, 2015),and the following weekend in San Ramon, California, the regular weekly Satsang will not be held over the next two weeks. The next Satsang in Victoria will be held the June 13th... more ›
May 22, 2015 Southern California
“Our highest, most important duty in the world is to help our fellow beings.” — Amma Our local SoCal program provides laundry service to the hundreds of traveling volunteers that tour with Amma from city to city during Amma's North American Summer Tour. The hardworking... more ›
May 22, 2015 Southern California
“Every night contemplate, ‘What Good did I do today? How can I do Better tomorrow?’ ” – Amma You have probably heard us say things like “Amma’s tour kitchen requires 600 volunteers a day to make it run!”   That’s no exaggeration! The full vegetarian meal or the samosa... more ›
May 19, 2015 Southern California
“If your attitude is positive and accepting, you live with God even while busy in the world.” — Amma The Kitchen…..Just as the Kitchen is the Heart and Soul of Every Home, verily so it is with Amma’s program.  Amma Loves To Feed Her Children On Tuesdays at her ashram... more ›
May 13, 2015 Southern California
AMMA’S SOCAL TOUR FOOD HANDLER’S CARD Do you plan to serve food during Amma’s visit to Los Angeles? Cut, chop, serve or clean up food in any way? Then you must have a current California State Food Handlers Card! There are no exceptions — even Amma has Her Card! We... more ›
May 1, 2015 southwest
Om Namah Shivaya We are blessed once again to welcome Amma to New Mexico from June 20th - 23rd at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort, just north of... more ›