M.A.Center, Atlanta

Please join us for a special Shivarathri Satsang Saturday, Feb 10. 
Please help out our chapter by spreading the word through this graphic and helping give a voice to the many that go hungry within our community!
People from literally every major religion, ethnicity, tradition and culture, come together as family ...
Atlanta, U.S.A.
Tackling the global issue of hunger begins with awareness of local hunger..
Atlanta, U.S.A.
Costs of operations, maintenance, and upkeep requires our continued efforts
Atlanta, U.S.A.
The gratitude that was expressed was extremely overwhelming and humbling...
Atlanta, U.S.A.
Please consider giving to MA Center ATL this #GivingTuesday.


The ashram is open to the public for daily prayers in the evening. More>>

Initiatives for youth

AYUDH Atlanta is the local chapter of AYUDH International. More>>

Initiatives for Children

Amrita Bala Kendra provides a cultural education to the children to make them responsible citizens. More>>

Br. Ramanand's travel schedule

Br. Ramanand travels to various cities conducting satsangs. More>>


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