December 11, 2012 San Ramon, CA
Tuesday, January 1, 2013: 10:00am-6:00pm Welcome in the New Year with a day of silence and contemplation. We are excited to announce that Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya will be joined by Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya in leading this year's retreat. It is an invaluable opportunity to deepen our spiritual... more ›
November 14, 2012 San Ramon
We received confirmation today that Amma will not be able to visit the M.A. Center, San Ramon this November. This week, she formally accepted an invitation to a private U.N. conference taking place at the end of this month. After the Michigan programs, she will be traveling to the conference. The M... more ›
October 30, 2012 San Ramon
Planet Earth’s entire energy needs for a whole year could be met with just 30 minutes of the sun’s rays. Such is the enormous power of solar energy. Amma’s San Ramon center will now be completely powered by four separate solar systems on the center grounds. The Amrita Hall and the dining hall used... more ›
October 8, 2012 San Ramon, CA
Amma’s Birthday Celebration at the M.A. Center, San Ramon is the largest program of the year, except for when Amma is here. It is held on the actual date of Amma’s Birth, September 27.  This year, as always, it was a full day program filled with devotion, community, service and celebration. The day... more ›
September 12, 2012 San Ramon
Krishna Jayanthi is always one of the liveliest events at the M.A. Center in San Ramon. The program began with the narration of stories on Lord Krishna’s life. Following this everybody, children and adults alike, got on their feet for an indoor version of ‘uriyadi', a popular game played in Kerala... more ›
September 6, 2012 San Ramon
Marion Rosen is renowned throughout the world for founding the Rosen Method, a bodywork technique used for stress reduction and for treating many of the chronic diseases of our modern day lifestyle, including disorders such as headaches, muscle tension, back pain, joint pain, insomnia, asthma, and... more ›
July 29, 2012 San Ramon
Starting on Thursday, August 23rd, Swami Ramakrishnananda will be spending a week at the M.A Center, San Ramon. This will be a special opportunity to spend some time with one of Amma's most senior disciples. All are invited. Please mark your calendars for his visit on August 23rd through... more ›
July 28, 2012 San Ramon
The plum trees at GreenFriends Farm at the M.A. Center in San Ramon have been very busy this year! So far, over 300 lbs of very high quality, fragrant, and lusciously sweet Santa Rosa plums have been harvested. In June, the first bountiful harvest of these heavenly plums were offered to Amma and... more ›
July 27, 2012 San Ramon
Like many areas of the country, this summer has been a hot one at GreenFriends Farm! It’s the time to prevent fires and nurture the grasslands. That’s why GreenFriends Farm recruited 21 beautiful Angus bred heifers provided by Aaron Lucich, to treat the soils of the rolling hills of the M.A.... more ›
May 28, 2012 San Ramon, CA
Members of the M.A. Center San Ramon Plastic Project upcycle waste materials to create treasures from trash, transforming discarded soft plastic into purses, wallets and other accessories. Janelle, a satsang member and a life-long crafter, has been inspired through the Plastic Project to use her... more ›