May 28, 2012 San Ramon, CA
Members of the M.A. Center San Ramon Plastic Project upcycle waste materials to create treasures from trash, transforming discarded soft plastic into purses, wallets and other accessories. Janelle, a satsang member and a life-long crafter, has been inspired through the Plastic Project to use her... more ›
May 26, 2012 San Ramon, CA
In the spring of 2011, a new gardening team at the San Ramon M.A. Center’s rose garden felt inspired to build a small shrine with a photo of Amma. They decided this project should grow organically just as the rose garden itself had gone fully organic. Over the next several weeks, all the elements... more ›
May 21, 2012 San Ramon, CA
The scent of summer in the air, the green hills fading to gold, and the joyful frenzy of activity at M.A. Center, all indicate that Amma’s visit is imminent. The San Ramon M.A. Center is a unique stop on Amma’s North American tour because Amma has held programs there since 1989. It has been twenty... more ›