Guest Program

Guests stay in simple, shared accommodations

The ashram is available for personal retreats during certain months of the year.

Daily Programs and activities include:

  • Morning group chanting
  • Evening devotional singing
  • Daily selfless service projects

Guests have access to:

Meditation room - for spiritual practice and quiet reflection

Nature – enjoy the hundreds of acres of rolling hills and beautiful ashram gardens

Library - spiritual library for scriptural study

Satsang – enjoy time in a spiritual community

As a guest, your visit is self-directed.  You are welcome to participate in the above activities, or follow your own practice and schedule.

Reservations and More Information

  • Space is limited. Please contact Guest Program in advance to reserve your spot. Inquiries must be made 24 hours in advance.  
  • Your stay includes a home-cooked group vegetarian dinner, self-served breakfast and lunch, and access to the kitchen area throughout the day.
  • There is no guest program from April 15th to August 1st, or during November, due to Amma’s visits to the center.

Please also see the local guide for nearby hotels and other accommodation.