M.A. Center New England


Tour Staff food Support - 2017

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namaha!

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we are anticipating our beloved Amma’s visit to New England, we are beginning to plan for many components or the summer program. One very important piece includes feeding our traveling tour staff brothers and sisters who are tirelessly devoting themselves throughout the North American tour. As with all tour sites, we are charged with ensuring that the tour staff is provided a warm meal upon arriving, breakfasts, and food around the clock as this is their seva schedule.

We offer the tour staff with love in our hearts. And, this requires a considerable amount of food procurement. This year, we are asking that you consider donating a gift certificate in any amount from one of the following:

  •                  Hannaford
  •                  BJ’s
  •                  Market Basket
  •                  Trader Joe’s

Please send your much appreciated gift certificate to Pranata in one of the following ways:

  •                  Electronic gift certificate to Pranata, ronnasanchez@verizon.net
  •                  Handing the gift certificate to Pranata at a satsang
  •                  Mailing it to the Ashram - Pranata Sanchez, MA Center New England, 245 Linden    Street, Boylston, MA, 01505       

Again, a gift certificate in any amount will help tremendously.

Thank you!