M.A. Center New England


December 6, 2017 New England
Dear Friend in amma, Each year we are blessed to have Amma's physical presence here in Boston area. In times where the world needs such selfless love and grace, we are truly grateful. Amma's programs and charitable activities are made possible through the selfless efforts and monetary donations of... more ›
December 1, 2017 New England
    Tube Socks for the Homeless The homeless suffer in a multitude of ways including being vulnerable to the elements especially in cold weather. These individuals are in need of protecting their feet. MA Center New England has been donating tube socks to the Albany Street Shelter for homeless men... more ›
December 1, 2017 New England
Circle of Love Letters   It has been about a year since I started writing cards and letters for Circle of Love Letters, a seva that Amma requested Her children to organize some time ago.  This is a very simple seva that doesn’t cost much and is not time-consuming.  It also fits... more ›
November 22, 2017 New England
Saturday, November  18th Recycle your jeans! There is company called Blue Jeans Go Green that collects old denim that would end up in a landfill. They turn it into insulation. The insulation is both sold and given away to those who cannot afford it. By recycling worn denim into insulation... more ›
March 31, 2017 New England
  Circle of Love Inside: Our Amma’s Prison Outreach Book by Savitri Bess   Don't be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. Light your candle and step forward."--Amma   At the Boston program in 2015, Amma gave a joyous and enthusiastic “Yes,” when I asked if she... more ›
March 28, 2017 New England
  "A flower has such a short life span, and yet it offers itself wholeheartedly to others."  ~Amma AYUDH Boston came together on March 3rd, 2017, to learn about sustainable gardening and plant herb and vegetable gardens out of recycled materials.  The evening began with some reflection on... more ›
December 26, 2016 New England
  AYUDH Youth Make Blessing Bags  “If you wish to serve, if you have compassion for people, if you have any love for the world, step forward bravely.” - Amma On December 17th, 2016, members of AYUDH Boston came together to make Blessing Bags for a women’s... more ›
September 14, 2016 New England
When we serve, it’s important to be an open channel, without expectations or an agenda. Our hearts must connect to God and give freely, in pure love. We never know how our presence will affect those receiving. We saw four elders on our first day at Amma’s Hands, all of whom were at the very end... more ›