MACC AYUDH and Green Friends Bluebird Nest Project

Bluebird Nest Install - AYUDH & Green Friends (Key Volunteers)

MACC AYUDH and Green Friends Bluebird Nest Project – Oct. 2012 and Apr. 2013

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Amma initiated Her new green campaign, “InDeed”, at her birthday celebration at Amritapuri in September of 2012.

Project Background – October 2012

Devotees wanted to promote interest in InDeed among Amma’s children at MACC. So, in October the AYUDH teens built houses of bluebirds.  Why bluebirds?  From the 1930’s to the 1980’s the Eastern bluebird population declined by an estimated 90% due to modernization of agriculture, competition from the House (English) Sparrow, and the loss of nesting sites such as tree cavities and hollow wooden fence posts.  Since the mid 1980’s there has been enthusiastic and successful efforts to increase the bluebird population by building and installing houses specifically designed for bluebirds.  MACC AYUDH members worked hard putting the five bluebird house kits together.

MACC AYUDH and Green Friends Bluebird Nest Installation – April 2013

On a cold, windy Saturday in April, members of MACC Green Friends and AYUDH gathered at the newly designated Green Friends building to prepare the 5 bluebird houses for installation. What a wonderful time we had working together!  All of the AYUDH members contributed to the effort. 

First, the conduit with the straps needed to be secured to the back of the houses. Using a cordless drill was a first time experience for many of the teens. Next, we were off to install the houses at their designated locations.  Everyone did something, from measuring the height of the house above the ground at 5 ft., pounding the post into the ground to support the houses, using a compass so the houses face northeast, to waxing the conduit poles so no animals could climb up. The houses were installed 100 yards apart on the southern perimeter of the property, next to the prairie where the birds will be able to find food.  

Shortly after installing the houses we were thrilled to see a bluebird on top of one of the houses.  Three days later two of the bluebird monitors found a bluebird nest in the same house where the bluebird had been sited on Saturday.  Now we are eagerly awaiting eggs and baby bluebirds!