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pinon seedling and quartz
Pinon Seedling Namaskaram

GreenFriends is Amma’s initiative to help us reawaken the awareness of our unity with all of creation and to cultivate an attitude of love and reverence for Mother Nature. All living beings emerge from the same Supreme Consciousness. Mother Nature is the manifestation of that Consciousness. Since its inception in India in 2001, GreenFriends has become a global environmental movement with thousands of members of all ages in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan working together to preserve the environment through local participation in GreenFriends projects.

NM GreenFriends offers many ways to connect with nature. Throughout the year we may have plant sales, gardening classes, and other events. To be on the mailing list for NM GreenFriends, offer classes or for more information please email NM GreenFriends.

Current Initiatives

Greenhouse and Gardening Help at the Amma Center
There is always plenty of volunteering to do in the Greenhouse and Gardens of the Amma Center. Call us at 982-9801 to find out how you can get involved!

Stewardship of the Santa Fe River
The Santa Fe River is a tributary of the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. It starts in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and passes through the state capital, Santa Fe providing approximately 40% of the city's water supply. It is an intermittent stream with two perennial reaches. The river is 46 miles (74 km) long. It was first dammed in 1881 and flows when water is released by the city of Santa Fe from two continuous reservoirs. The site of the 1881 dam, upstream of Santa Fe, is now part of the 190-acre (0.77 km2) Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, a trailhead for the 20-mile (32 km) Dale Ball Foothill Trail System.

The Santa Fe River Watershed is 285 square miles (740 km2), ranging in elevations between 12,408 ft (3,782 m) to 5,220 ft (1,590 m).
The environmental group American Rivers designated the Santa Fe River as America's most endangered river of 2007, and Santa Fe Mayor David Coss has made reviving the river one of his administration's top priorities. (from Wikipedia)

New Mexico GreenFriends is once again stewarding two sections of the watershed through the Adopt-the-River Program of the Santa Fe Watershed Association. We are responsible for the sections referred to as REACH 4 (Patrick Smith to Palace Ave) and REACH 5 (Palace Ave to El Alamo).

Trashbags and gloves are provided by the Santa Fe Watershed Association and the Sponsors for each Reach.

To help with this project, please call 505-982-9801.

"Every creature, everything that has been created by God, is special. Think of the miracles of Nature. We cannot know the purpose of everything. Nature is a mystery to us." Amma

Vaishnavi Sitting at the Amma Center of NMCarpool to Satsang
‎"Most families own at least one car. If five people who live and work near one another make a car-pool schedule and take turns driving each other to work, five cars can be replaced by one. If an entire country were to do this, then every 100,000 cars would decrease to 20,000. Pollution would be radically reduced and so much oil would be saved. We all know oil is rapidly diminishing. By car-pooling like this, our oil will last longer, but most importantly, love and cooperation will increase amongst people. Amma feels this advice is something we can all try to put into action."
Let's put her advice into action! Talk to devotees in your area to see if you could carpool to satsang!

"Just as Nature is dedicated to helping us, we too should be dedicated to helping Nature." Amma

Amma's Newest Campaign

For Amma's 59th Birthday on September 27, 2012, Amma introduced a new campaign, "InDeed". InDeed is six simple steps people can do to help the Earth. Just click on the banner below to go to the website where you can read the steps or download the pdf files to share with your friends and on your site. Spread the world. We can all make a difference.

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"In truth, the progress and prosperity of mankind depend solely on the good which man does for Nature." Amma