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English Bhajans

English Bhajans
English Bhajans VI

The Amma Center of New Mexico is the birthplace of the English Bhajans which include original devotional songs as well as traditional bhajans adapted to English lyrics. "Teach Me the Language of your Heart" was the beginning of a long series of musical poems and ballads that characterized the first several volumes of English Bhajans. The latest volumes feature many artists whose love for Amma has inspired songs in a variety of contemporary musical styles.

These are available online. By clicking on the Volume you want, you will be redirected to the Amma Shop where you can hear samples of some of the songs. Proceeds go to Amma's charitable projects.

English Bhajans, Volume VII - Wings of Peace

2.Come To Me, Flower of My Heart
3.Call Her
4.Help Me Amma

5.In This Night
6.My Heart Is Crying
8.May the World Find Peace

English Bhajans, Volume VI - It's All Love

2.Oh Amma
3.Come Children (Omkara Divya Porule)
4.You Are My Light

5.Life Is A Play (Ishwara Lila)
6.Softly Singing In My Heart
7.Only Through God
8.Devi's Dance (Instrumental)
9.In The Silence (Pakalantiyil)

English Bhajans, Volume V

1.Take Me deep In Your Eyes
2.Light of Truth (Bandham Illa)
3.Every Bird In A Cage
4.Rise Up Mother Kali (Jago Ma)

5.Krishna Play With Us (Vinati Hamari)
6.Blissful Knower Of Truth
(Anandamayi Brahmamayi)
7.Bless Me With Your Darshan Ma (De Darshan Ma)
8.Rise Up Mother Kali (Instrumental)

Om Namah Shivaya

Chanting of OM NAMAH SHIVAYA in six different tunes to the accompaniment of harmonium, tabla, synthesizer, violin, sarod, guitar, bass and tamborine.

English Bhajans, Volume IV

1.Sweetnes of Devotion
2.Living Goddess (Vishvamanava)
3.Mother of Immortal Bliss (Snehamritanandini)
4.Still Of The Night (Raja Ram)
5.Send Your Love
6.I'm Longing For You
(Milna Tujhe Mai Chahu)
7.Source Of The Universe (Ichamayi)
8.Give Us Grace (Shakti De Bhakti De)

English Bhajans, Volume III

1.Close To You
2.Comfort Me (Ananta Mami)
3.Mother Of All
4.Divine Mother And Father (Twameva Mata)

5.You're The Essence (Ullakattin Nadhara)
6.Let My Spirit Fly To You
7.Give Me Refuge (Abhayam Tan)
8.Come Children
(Omkara Divya Porule IV)

English Bhajans, Volume II

1.Faith Be My Companion
2.Devi Shranam
3.Open My Heart
4.How Can I Express

5.Irul Tingi
6.Shrishtium Niye
7.Omkara Divya Porule II

English Bhajans, Volume I

1.Teach Me The Language
3.Manase Nin Svantamayi
4.Amritanandamayi Jai Jai

5.Ellam Ariyunna
6.Amma Nin Rupam
7.Amme Yi Jivende
8.You Mean Everything To Me