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Circle of Prayers

"The mission of the Circle of Prayer is to serve Amma and our spiritual community through prayer. The Circle of Prayer provides opportunities to request prayers for our loved ones and ourselves and to pray for the healing of our brothers and sisters in need. We offer our prayers in faith that they will facilitate love, compassion, connection and well being throughout our community and the world."

To request prayers for yourself or your loved ones please email us your first name or  the first names of your loved ones. These prayer requests will be read at the Santa Fe Satsang each Saturday night (only the first name will be read) and will be included in a weekly email sent to all those participating in the online Circle of Prayer. Your request will remain active for one week, and then must be resubmitted.

If you are unable to send us an email, you may submit your request directly before satsang by placing it in the small, red, heart-shaped box on the temple altar. These names will be collected from the red heart box and read during satsang on Saturday night and added to the Online Circle of Prayer in the next week's email.

If you would enjoy praying for others, please send us your email with a note stating your desire to be an active member of the Online Circle of Prayer. Both individuals and local satsangs are welcome to participate in this way. Weekly, you will automatically receive a list of names of people to pray for. You may be removed from the email list at any time by sending another email request asking to be removed.

Om Namah Shivaya
"Love is the only language that every living being can understand." Amma