Amma Center of New Mexico

Temple Gets a Makeover

Temple with New Backdrop
Temple with Pink Backdrop

Do you remember some of the details of the Albuquerque program from this year? For instance, that gorgeous pink backdrop that Varenya created with the pink and green paper flowers? Well, we don't need to rely on our faulty memories because the backdrop has been installed in the temple here at the Amma Center!

Now that we have the new & beautiful  backdrop, we need to clean the temple walls & make them equally beautiful! There is a lot of black soot from the camphor & wicks that has accumulated over the last couple of years to be scrubbed off. Please join us for an hour or 2 & lend a hand.

Sunday, August 19th, 10:00am...any questions, please call Swasthi 505 603 4358 or email.