Amma Center of New Mexico

IAM 20 Class at the Amma Center of NM

Vaishnavi Teaching IAM 20
IAM 20 at the Amma Center of NM

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Learns IAM 20

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC) Members came to the Amma Center of NM this evening to learn the IAM 20 Technique. Formally called 'IAM for Organization' and 'Corporate IAM', This modification of the full IAM technique has become increasingly popular. 

One of the RMYC participants mentioned that he and the members of his band practice meditation regularly. Many of them had at least some experience with Hatha Yoga and Meditation techniques. 

Authorized Instructor, Vaishnavi, led the class, assisted by Saz. Read more about the IAM Technique and upcoming classes or contact Jagrati McGrath 505-670-5126 or email her


For those who cannot attend the scheduled classes, full or 20 minute IAM Meditation courses can be arranged at another time for small groups or businesses and can be held either in homes, offices or at the Amma Center of New Mexico. Call Virginio at 505-986-8958.


For a complete schedule of courses being offered in the United States and Canada and links to register online, please click here.