Amma Center of New Mexico

Chanting for Nature

Amma with Cow
Amma kissing a Cow

"Nature is God made visible. Nature is God known through our senses. When we love and serve Nature, we are worshipping the Supreme Being. Without Nature no creature, no human being, nothing would exist. Thus it is our responsibility to lovingly care for every living being.”  - Amma

Every Monday at the Amma Center of New Mexico people are invited to come and chant outside, on the land. We take a short hike and find a suitable place to sit, facing east with a beautiful view of mountains and trees, and we chant our prayers, we chant Amma's 108 names and the 1000 of the Divine Mother. Then we finish with prayers of peace. 

I have chanted outside many times and love the experience. And, last March I hiked off onto the Amma Center of New Mexico's land to chant for Nature for my birthday and decided that that would be a wonderful practice to share with others. Also, group chanting is much more powerful than solo chanting. 

Each time I notice the birds and insects joining in with their chirps and calls. Butterflies hover about. Even Cicadas and Squirrels can be heard in the symphony of sounds. Whether there are 5 of us or only myself, I feel a great appreciation for the Earth and am blessed to be able to chant these prayers for her and all her creatures!

When I am travelling, I miss not being able to chant at the Amma Center. So, whenever possible, I try to continue the practice by chanting outside at the place where I am. This year I've chanted to the Taos Mountain a few times and also up in the mountains in Durango where the echo of my chanting could be heard for miles! 

These sanskrit chants, whether we understand them or not, are highly charged mantras that cause subtle and powerful changes in the atmosphere, especially when chanted with love and devotion! I encourage everyone to try it, at least once, chant outside for a change

-Navya, resident at the Amma Center of New Mexico Ashram