Amma Center of New Mexico

Amma's Birthday Retreat Weekend with Dayamrita Swami and a Surprise!

Dayamritaji and Shantamritaji
Dayamrita and Shantamrita Swamis

This year Amma’s Birthday Celebrations and Southwest Regional Satsang Retreat began on September 28th with the movie, “Darshan: The Embrace” played in the temple. This movie was the kick-off event for "First Friday's Spiritual Cinema," hosted by ashram resident, Amba.
On Saturday, the program continued with archana practice at 7:00am. Then Billie from Dixon, NM gave a beautiful class about Kali, followed by a class on the Kathopanishad by Chandran Pillai. After a short break, guests went back to the temple to sing and dance! At 5:00pm there was our usual Saturday archana practice followed by a special and very informative satsang Q&A with Steve Schmidt.
On Sunday the archana practice began at 8:00am followed by a community yoga class with Saz, a class that is offered free to the public every week. Many people helped with the weekly Burrito Project, bagging 108 burrito lunches for local distribution. Then at 11:00am Visuddhi and Mary C. led an ‘Art as Creative Meditation’ workshop. The workshop focus was on the creation of a Peace Mobile using oragami swans that they taught us to make. The beautiful mobile is now hanging inside the ashram.

Then guests learned the  IAM 20 (20 minute version of the IAM Technique®) in the temple and waited a short while in anticipation of the main event, Satsang with Dayamrita Swami!

Finally at a little after 4:00pm, Dayamrita Swami arrived and began Amma’s Birthday Puja and Celebration. He announced a surprise when he arrived, performed a puja, and gave a talk. Then, the “surprise” he had mentioned walked into the room, it was Shantamrita Swami! With all the excitement and happiness bhajans began and the program ended with Arati.
It was a wonderful Retreat that we were very fortunate to have experienced.