Cashless Payment System

New Cashless payment system - Amma's 2016 Summer Tour
(US portion only)


M.A. Center is implementing a new cashless payment system (third party) during Amma's 2016 Summer Tour.
People attending Amma's programs during this 2016 Summer Tour will be able to obtain a cashless card that can be used at the various point of sale locations in all the Tour Cities in the US. We want to make our processes and systems more efficient for our customers with less waiting times and quicker, more secure transactions and with less carrying of physical cash throughout the Tour.
All attendees to Amma’s programs during the US portion of the Tour this summer are encouraged to use this cashless payment system.  Cashless cards will be valid throughout the US portion of the tour (NOT Toronto, Canada).  Please look for information regarding this new system at each of the Tour city locations.
To speed the registration process for the cashless payment system, you can pre-register before attending Amma's programs by clicking the link below. The cashless authentication card will be issued to you in person at card issuance locations at any of the US tour cities. 
The cashless payment system will not be operational once the tour is finished in the US. Therefore, it is important to obtain a refund for any unused funds from your cashless card in person, BEFORE you depart from the last US program/Tour City you are planning to attend.  Any refunds requested after that time will likely be subject to significant delays. If you choose not to obtain a refund of your unused funds, but rather would like to make a donation of those funds for MA Center charitable activities, please notify/inform us at 
Your support in using this new cashless payment system is greatly appreciated.   
For any questions related to this cashless payment system program, please write to us at: